• Guest Pavilion and Master Pavilion

  • Frangiapangi Bedroom in Guest Pavilion

  • Private pool with it’s own waterfall

  • Bali Living Pavilion

Welcome to Ananda House

A stunning multi-level bamboo home nestled in tropical forest above the sacred Ayung river in Abiansemal, Bali.
Traditional materials combine with astounding design to create a place of utmost peace that is nothing like you have ever seen before.

A pathway traces the edge of the ridge as you walk north at Green Village. At the northern most lot, a simple stone gateway marks the entrance to the Ananda House. The gateway frames three young black palms surrounded by a corridor of cascading green. Morning sunlight pours into three delicate multi-level structures, their elegant fan-beam columns support curving leaf-shaped roofs.

The buildings perch like birds on the terraced slope. A stone pathway winds among them, along the contours of the permaculture garden, where ferns and wild gingers thrive along with signs of cultivation: papayas, bananas, fruiting and flowering trees. Across the valley, the view opens up; below you see the curving deck with a glimpse of the overgrown grotto pool, and you have arrived.

Ananda House is the 12th home at Green Village. You feel connected to nature in all of our buildings, but this home immerses you in the garden and connects you to the land. In his house, the owner wanted to step out of his bedroom and be in the garden, to have his day woven into the outdoors. He didn’t want to just tower above the landscape, he imagined waking up and being outside in nature, enjoying Bali.

The bedrooms didn’t have to be big, just big enough. They are open breeze-filled bedrooms, each with a private balcony overlooking the valley from its own unique angle. Working with the curves of bamboo is almost impossible to define in advance exactly where the contour of each roof will be, so during construction holes were cut into the eaves to leave space for trees. As a result, the whole central corridor of black palm trees were retained in place, and the houses were nestled around them.

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